When did the accident happen to her?

My daughter visits me now and then.


He's good at cards.

The exact meaning of metaphysics is controversial.

I go to the movies once a month.

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Thalia's my favorite singer.

I have quit smoking and drinking.

Can you zip me up?

Everything was taken from us.

I just might do that.


My New Year's resolution is to learn how to play the ocarina.

Remember why you're here.

There's a new exhibit at the museum that I'd love to go see.

Jenine was sitting right there.

These screws need tightening.

We like to keep a low profile.

Kate watched as Ahmed drove away in her red convertible sports car.


We have to move fast.

That's my responsibility.

Scott's job is to evaluate the assets of companies.

Please write to me as soon as possible!

The famous Gordian Knot was cut with a sword.


Life and death are two sides of the same coin.

I need to hide these Christmas presents somewhere that Mariou can't find them.

I will not accept no for an answer.

He never gave way to temptation.

When was the last time that you drank?

Since there are rice paddies near my house, I often hear frogs croaking all night long this time of year.

What've you got for us?

We should wait at least thirty minutes.

Just start walking.

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The two felt the pressing necessity of earning a livelihood.

Dan is Linda's childhood love.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a tiger by his toe, if he hollers let him go, eeny, meeny, miny, moe. My mother told me to catch the very best one and you are not it.

I won't let them die.

I am told that he is ill in bed.


What did you get her?


Buy me something sweet when you go to the store.

You've got the freshest sound I've heard in years. Now go write 12 songs about fucking by Friday.

Sorry, could you repeat the question? In whole, desirably.

Would you keep this baggage, please?

Work on the road was suspended because of the storm.


Can we talk to you for a second?


Does Franklin know?

On his bicycle he can dodge through traffic with amazing speed.

Heinrich felt utterly humiliated.

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Narendra and Herman both left the room at the same time.

There's nothing sexual about it.

It's about time we had some warm weather.

You've got to be more careful.

She's a stubborn woman.


You aren't needed.


He has gone to Paris on official business.

The tree roots have burst through the cement at several points along the sidewalk.

We're going back for them.


Keep the windows open.

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He is very difficult to get along with.


Edmund showed her breasts.

I was invited to the party.

Markus used to be a waiter.

There were no other choices.

This is an express train. It won't make many stops.

She was not pleased.

Sharan was charged with murder.

Who do you think can tell us the answer?

I had scarcely walked a minute before I met him.


Jennifer has been working in London since January.

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I don't think we're alone.

There is some truth behind stereotypes.

Jochen began to cry hysterically.

What brings you here today?

I want her to come with us.


I'm looking for a school where I can paint portraits.

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Bernie began to get downhearted.

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I'm standing up for myself.

I thought you were my friend.

We didn't mean to disparage our contenders.

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This is all I've got.

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Why don't you mind your own business?

It's just a minor problem.

Her behavior isn't normal for a young girl.

Is there any leisure in China?

Are you sure of this?

There's a difference between silly and stupid.

I can't understand what you mean.


The weather varies from day to day.


I let them catch me.


I'd really love to meet them.

Language has, at the same time as being method of expressing one's thoughts, the side of being something used to think with.

It's too far.


What time will you be ready to leave?

I have been teaching English these five years.

My head starts to hurt when I think about how annoying Chris is.

Do you want a ride to the store?

He went into the next room and lay down.


I have frizzy hair.

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I'm sorry, but you'll have to pay an excess weight fee.

Pollution is bringing devastating consequences for the regional ecosystem.

When you think things cannot possibly get worse, that's when I show up.

Creativity is the ability to combine known elements in a new and unusual way.

Kuldip is milking the cows.


That's one of ours.


Princess, don't drink the potion.


The truck carried a load of furniture.


You'll take care of that.

I want to see the land and the sun.

The plane took off at exactly ten o'clock.

Root wants Laurence to come here right away.

Do you mind if I come in?


How far is it from Boston to Chicago?

Wolf doesn't know anything about that.

What're you all dressed up for?

She knows everything.

The car stopped.

This article has to go through the censor's office.

Claudio is Len's stepson.

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Call him immediately.

No one could account for his poor examination results.

There is a little water left.


He received more than six million votes.

I'm not going to tell him that.

Maybe this will convince you.

He was shy at the beginning.

I thought Lana had already tried to do that.

Is that your shirt?

He sang and sang.

Dan didn't even write a letter to Linda.

They both relaxed.


The Senate made a decision.


Let me see what I can do.

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Erwin rarely talks to anybody.

Everyone felt safe.

Hein told Ilya he'd help her.

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It suddenly started raining.


I won't come back again.


Lex says he can't put up with the heat any longer.

I wanted Alain to stop.

Maybe I'll try it.

No one forgot their assignment, did they?

Malcolm likes things the way they are.

What are you going to do with this money?

You've got to come out now.

We were rebels.

I want you to take it away from Jill.

Earnie is sleeping in his car.

We have three adopted children.

There have been complaints saying that users waited for a long time before receiving assistance.

There's no front door.

Do dolphins really sleep with one eye open?

O that I had never left Skyros.

I did a good job.

How much is a round-trip ticket to Caracas?

It felt like that moment lasted an eternity.

This will do for the time being.

Autumn is when food is especially delicious.

Mark is far too busy to talk to you today.

He tied his son's shoe with a double knot and said, "There, that should do the trick."

One who does not work should not eat.